TV SERIES Review: The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 3 – The Sin ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 3 Chapter 3 “The Sin” is now streaming on Disney+

Season 1

“Chapter 3 – The Sin”

The Mandalorian turns in Baby Yoda and gets the bounty of baskar steel used to forge powerful new armor. He asks what will happen to baby Yoda during the exchange, which is met unfavorable by the handler. And then it’s back to the cantina to meet Apollo Creed, er Carl Weathers and acquire a new bounty.

Nice to see this episode runtime inching back up at 37 minutes. Would like to see 40+ minute episodes minimum, but this is the right direction. Also, we learn that The Mandalorian appears to have a conscience. Good character arc episode. We are definitely left wanting to see what happens next. Another four star episode for me. I am liking this series a lot so far.

Reviews By Others

Warning: the links that follow may contain significant SPOILERS. They are here and intended to see what others think of the episode after you’ve watched once, twice or more.

  • Brian Salvatore: ” I’m not sure if this is my perception, or the perception at large, but The Mandalorian did not seem like a huge deal when it was announced. I expected an interesting, though pretty low-priority show on Disney+, one that wouldn’t really move the Star Wars needle all that much. I was 100% wrong.”
  • Kevin McNichols: “I really cannot express my excitement for what’s to come with this series, as I can admit the ending of the most recent episode (Episode 3: The Sin) had me excitedly cheering in my seat like a 12 year old. (Note: I am a 35 year old man.)”
  • Ricardo: ” I love seeing the character development of the Mandalorian so far. Also, the action was so good, I even screamed out loud from how excited I was! This episode, in my opinion, was perfect, and I don’t know how they’ll top this.”
  • Josh / Star Wars Thoughts (10/10): “There was just so much to love about this episode. The action sequences were incredible, the suspense and intrigue was very high, and it was great that he went back and rescued the child. We have no idea where they’re heading, but I can’t wait to see it next week.”
  • Tyler Hersko: “Series creator Jon Favreau has referred to “The Mandalorian” as a serialization of “Star Wars,” where viewers will be dying to figure out what happens next in each episode’s weekly installments, and he’s not far off. We might’ve all seen some iteration of this sci-fi story elsewhere, but that doesn’t mean that “The Mandalorian” isn’t a journey worth taking. “

How are you liking The Mandalorian series so far, we’re only 30% in (3 episodes of 10 total for the first season)? What do you think of Episode 3, Chapter 3 “The Sin”? Use the comments below.

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