FIRST LOOK: Rhythm Section

No, the picture above is NOT from Rhythm Section, it is Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively kissing in A Simple Favor

Blake Lively has gotten onto my actress capable of breaking out really big radar. I enjoyed her acting opposite of Anna Kendrick and Henry Golding in A Simple Favor⭐️½ but didn’t care for the movie. There is an interesting kissing scene between Anna Kendrick and her, which Huffpost covered, and is (spoiler) the best part of that movie.

Doesn’t look like Blake Lively will be doing much kissing in her new movie.

She’s starred in several leading roles, including Green Lantern opposite her husband Ryan Reynolds, Savages by Oliver Stone and The Shallows. but I enjoy watching her act, even in bad films, it seems.

Her next film, Rhythm Section, shows her in short black hair in what seems like another frenetic drama-thriller hybrid role. I’m wondering if this will be the one where she gets a great script and a good movie to showcase the talent my intuition says she has?

Then again, January is known as a “dump month” in Hollywood.

Or am I just crazy and Blake Lively isn’t as good as I think she is? I mean, she clearly isn’t Meryl Streep, but there is a certain quality to her on screen presence that I am just expecting a film to come along with her in it and exclaim, “Yes, this is her moment!”

Her next film, due in January 2020, has the following synopsis:

Blake Lively stars as Stephanie Patrick, an ordinary woman on a path of self-destruction after her family is tragically killed in a plane crash. When Stephanie discovers that the crash was not an accident, she enters a dark, complex world to seek revenge on those responsible and find her own redemption.

Rotten Tomatoes Movie Info

It sounds a bit like Lively’s character might be going off a little like Peppermint Jennifer Garner a la Death Wish Charles Bronson. Hopefully, the performance isn’t quite as Garner’s over the top and more subdued as Bronson was if this does turn into some vengeance flick. Better yet, let’s hope it avoids those tropes altogether and it’s more of a John Grisham like unwinding of a tale.

I like the trailer, anyway. Giving me a brooding thriller vibe.

What Are Others Saying (who have not seen this yet either)?

  • jmjerva: “The thriller is based on a book which was penned by Mark Burnell who also wrote the screenplay. Starring along with Lively are Sterling K. Brown and Jude Law with Emmy winner Reed Morano helming the pic.”
  • The Movie My Life: ” ‘Is Blake Lively speaking in a British accent?‘ The answer is yes.”
  • currentpk noticed (among many, many others) that Blake Lively deleted all of her Instagram posts except for the trailer above. Lively did the same thing to promote her last movie. Publicity stunt.
  • politicallyslanted: “Hollywood is in love with movies about women seeking to exactly deadly revenge.”
  • Movie Nation: “Whatever the title suggests, this is a classic “January thriller.” There’s revenge and conspiracy, stars but not “box office” stars.”

This brings up an interesting side discussion. Is it possible to like an actor/actress but dislike some of their movies? Yes, of course. Eddie Murphy should have forever scarred me with some of his acting roles (Pluto cough! Nash).

But back to Blake, the actress. What is it with her? Maybe it’s just her name that has me so intrigued. Blake is a cool name for a woman. I realize it’s one of those unisex names (Blake Shelton).

There are quite a few Lively films I haven’t seen, so maybe she already has been in that “it” movie. I realize her notoriety comes primarily from Gossip Girl TV show (which I have almost zero interest in seeing), but I’m curious if there are movies she’s been in that have been equally noteworthy?

Are you interested in seeing Rhythm Section? Will you see it in the theater, wait for streaming or not interested?

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