Opening 11-21-2019 in Theaters: A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood, Frozen II, 21 Bridges

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood starting at 4:30pm on 11/21 and 21 Bridges at 7pm

Wednesday hump day yay! This weekend I’m looking stoked to see Tom Hanks portrayal of Mister Rogers. Something tells me this movie is going to be a bit of a tearjerker, kind of in the way that we knew about Titanic and Judy.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

What will Tom Hanks be like as Mister Rogers?

Recently, watched the documentary Mister Rogers: It’s You I Like ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  and that has me prepped and excited for this film. Am also a big Tom Hanks fan, the guy just seems to pick great roles that fit him well. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a bad Hanks film, so that amps up my enthusiasm.

Anticipation: 7/10

Frozen II

Can’t say I was excited about this one, but just saw Frozen and really liked that. Animated films do often catch me off guard and I like them more than I expected to. This happened with Klaus on Netflix, which I thought was excellent, so I’m putting this at 2 out of 10 for anticipation. Our grandchildren will want to see this, so their anticipation is off the charts ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (anticipation is 10/10 for them lol)

Anticipation: 2 / 10

21 Bridges

Of the three movies, this one I’ve seen and heard the least about (and haven’t gone looking to learn much more about it). The surprise factor can lead to a truly enjoyable movie experience for me, so hoping this one catches me off guard in a good way.

Anticipation: 5 / 10

Bonus Opening Movie

Have seen multiple previews for Dark Waters, which is also opening this weekend. This has a bit of an Erin Brokovich meets John Grisham type story. No idea how many screenings it will get (shows as “limited” as of this writing at Box Office Mojo), however, but including on this list as it is a film we want to see.

Dark Waters

ANTICIPATION for Week of 11/21/19 MOVIES

How much on scale of 1-10 anticipating the 11-21-2019 movies?

  1. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood – 7/10
  2. 21 Bridges – 5/10
  3. Frozen II – 2/10

Are there screenings in our area to see these movies?

All are wide screenings and available in our area, so the plan is to see all of them. Since A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood is an early Thursday screening (4:30pm), will likely catch that first, then catch 21 Bridges the late Thursday showing and on Friday with the grandchildren see Frozen 2.

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