Knives Out Early Access Screening One Week Early

Knives Out – the whodunit starring James Bond’s Daniel Craig as a modern sleuth has early access screenings in some areas (yay! ours is one of them)

Might want to check your favorite theater “coming soon” area because Knives Out is having some early access advanced screenings a week earlier than the opening date of 11/27, Thanksgiving 2019 weekend.

And yes, they are open to anybody wanting to pay the ticket price, they aren’t reserved for media or critics only.

See the text under the movie cover art for Knives Out, it says: “Early Access Screening”

This film Kara is emphatically wanting to see. We both enjoy good looking mysteries. The trailer has really cooked this one up as something that smells good:

As long as they avoid having it be “the butler did it” I’m so there!

Sheepishly I roamed out there a bit looking for others sharing previews and/or posts like this, but because this was part of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) a lot of the blogs and sources I use for news have already published reviews. Caught headlines only and most have appeared positive.

Are you planning on seeing this in the theater, waiting for it on streaming or unsure if you want to see at all?


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