25+ Ford v Ferrari Reviews – The True Story Behind Ford v Ferrari

Ford v Ferrari ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ is an adrenaline filled race car mechanic and automotive engineer’s wet dream.

The bitter rivalry existing between the two brands in the lead up to the endurance challenge of ’66 had its roots in a business deal turned sour. In 1963 Ferrari – in dire need of an injection of capital for the company – had embarrassed Ford when, at the final hour, the Italian businessman walked away from a deal which would have seen the Ford Motor Company buy into the Italian brand and the two become a combined, transatlantic automotive racing force.

The True Story Behind ‘Ford v Ferrari’ – Biography

Before seeing this, I wondered how it could cost $100 million? Certainly there were expensive cars and my guess is a bulk of the budget went to car crashes and explosions plus hefty pay to Damon and Bale the co-stars. Just a guess.

This Forbes article goes into greater detail about how a movie’s budget is calculated.

After seeing it, I still feel like this could have been made for less and would have been just as good, but there was obviously attention paid to detail and those cars are not inexpensive cars.

Other Blogger Reviews

Let’s see what other moviegoers think of Ford v Ferrari. Keep in mind that some/many of these reviews contain spoilers.


  • Rock At The Movies (8/10): “If you are a film lover, you need to see what is arguably the best racing movie ever.”
  • HookedOnFilmWA: “…is absolutely thrilling. It features the best racing sequences I’ve seen since Rush (2013). Perhaps even better, because it feels like it has actual cars speeding at 300km/h down actual roads, which, quite often, it does.”
  • Ulkar Alakborova (5/5): “Matt Damon as Carroll Shelby and Christian Bale as Ken Miles shine in every scene. Their strangely impressive on-screen chemistry creates the most tender relationship showing the power of friendship off-race and on-race at the same time.”
  • Rachel’s Reviews (9/10): “…it’s a wonderful film everyone will enjoy. The story is interesting, the acting is great, script is well done and the racing scenes work.”
  • Ken Murray / The Nerd Templar: “I loved Ford v Ferrari. It’s without a doubt my favorite film of the year so far. Bale is just astonishing and Damon holds his own opposite him.”
  • Dan Gardner/Runpee: “It’s not often that a movie gets perfect marks on writing, acting, and directing, but — pardon the pun — Ford v Ferrari hits on all cylinders.”
  • Mike Shutt: “This is a movie that is two and a half hours of sheer entertainment without needing you to “turn your brain off” at the door. The characters are charming and interesting enough to get you invested, and the craft is sleek and exciting.”
  • Jason Bleau / Cinema Spotlight (5/5): ” This might be one of the most perfectly balanced, entertaining and all-around well-made motorsports movies of all time.”
  • Alex Brannan (B-): “The narrative loses itself in the politics of corporations and in the superficial conversations about the art of the race. The beating heart of Ford v Ferrari is in its climactic final act, which is then let down by the abrupt emotional appeals of the denouement. But, if only for a moment, the film pushes to 7,000 RPMs.”
  • reelhit: ” a fun, well-made film that feels more like a classic film, in the sense that it feels like an older type of film, perhaps made for an older audience. It’s a slower, character-focused drama that I personally feel has been lacking in cinema lately.”
  • Society Reviews: “…the type of oscar bait that restores your faith in the genre as well as the industry. The film’s window into classic California Conservatism is one that should be savored because you won’t get much of it from Hollywood these days so enjoy while you can.”
  • Doc / Embrace Your Geekness (4.4/5): “a very strong film with some top notch performances and a compelling story.  The third act race is about as well done as you are going to get.”
  • Keith Loves Movies: “…not only a thrilling cinematic tale but it is also the kind of film we need.”
  • LittleFrog Scribbles (8/10): “…not just for racing fans, I knew nothing about Ken Miles or Le Mans going in (and quite frankly: what utter madness is driving for 24 hours?!), and while the story could be said to slip into cliche of true life biopics, it’s a gripping ride along the way.”
  • Polar Bears Watch TV: “I’d take this over a lot of the stuff we got last year, at least. ALSO: it has absolutely no business being 150 minutes long, and you really do feel the length”
  • Lee’s Movie Reviews (5/5): “I’m in awe of how good this movie is and how much I was enjoying myself, and if this is how much I enjoyed it while not being a racing fan then I can’t even begin to imagine how cool this movie would be to someone actually interested in the subject matter.”
  • 13oldschool: ” This movie was totally entertaining and just plain fun.  At times it was exhilarating!”
  • Island Movie Blogs: “The real focus of this movie, is what it takes to be an artist or a creator, and what it takes to please people. Having that at the core of this movie, really does give it a great emotional core for everything else to swirl around. All in all, Ford v Ferrari is a really well made, and even better acted movie that really should be seen in cinemas.”
  • TK Theater Production (4/5): “…a well-done racing drama. It had strong performances, an entertaining dynamic between the two leads, great racing sequences, and it delivered the right amount of emotion to make all of those things matter in the end.”
  • Todd Mesirow / The Review Garage: “If you love cars, and speed, and racing – then you have to not only see “Ford v Ferrari” on a big screen, you have to put it on your list of films to buy.”
  • CJ at the Movies (3.5/5): “The story is not always understandable, maybe because of the British dialogue or big motor mouths, but you’re still able to grasp the concept. In fact, you’re rooting for the Ford Motor Company, and their best driver to win the 24 hour race.”
  • Patrick Beatty Reviews (9/10): “I loved this movie, it does run pretty long and some side stories are a little less fleshed out than others. It’s a crowd-pleaser, and I would definitely recommend seeing this in IMAX!”
  • Reel Movies Matter (7.5/10): “…a film with true grit that preaches about the benefits of determination, loyalty and commitment to a cause.  Despite my issue with its lack of strong character arcs, a script telling an awesome true story with spellbinding performances by its award-winning cast could still be enough to land Ford v Ferrari in several winner’s circles this movie awards season.”
  • Movie Nation: “It stands with the greatest racing movies ever, and it’s certainly the most entertaining. But there is no doubt about one last superlative. “Ford v Ferrari” is one of the best pictures of the year.”
  • Filmaholic (4.5/5): “…an undeniable crowd-pleaser, but it’s the incredible talent at display both behind and in front of the cameras that elevate the material and truly make something special of this fascinating true story.”
  • Mark Glendenning / Racer: “…captures the essence of two seriously hardcore racers; likewise, while exercising poetic license with the timeline, the film offers a revealing look into the exhausting, thankless and dangerous development work that went into one of America’s most glorious international racing triumphs, along with the reptilian politics behind it.”

Not Recommended (or undecided)

  • Consequence of Sound: “…a classic Hollywood underdog film about friendship and overcoming obstacles. Mangold’s direction is serviceable, but unspectacular, while Bale is a dynamic presence. The film could have done with a less familiar narrative approach.”
  • Screen Zealots / Louisa (2.5/5): ” It’s disappointing because the story on which it’s based is so interesting, but this too-straightforward retelling of history is too mainstream, too dull, and squanders a considerable opportunity.”

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