TV SERIES Review: The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 2 – The Child ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Season 1

“Chapter 2 – The Child” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Mandalorian is transporting baby Yoda (not really Yoda, but sure looks like him) and runs into Jawas scavenging his spaceship. Trapped on the planet, he is offered a plan to recover the parts, but it’s not without risk.

Almost as amazing an episode as the first — further proof that we are (finally!) returning to familiar waters that we love — it’s awesome seeing characters being explored from — or at least strongly inspired by (in the case of the “child” — the original Star Wars. Also, this episode is shorter, clocking in at 33 minutes compared to 40 minutes for the first. Some others commenting on the length saying that it was too short.

Reviews By Others

Warning: the links that follow may contain significant SPOILERS. They are here to see what others think of the episode after you’ve watched once, twice or more.

  • CJ / But Why Tho (10/10): ” After an outstanding pilot episode, the second episode of The Mandalorian, “Chapter 2: The Child,” made its debut on Disney+ and it manages to live up to the sci-fi/Western aesthetic that the series has embraced so far.”
  • C.T Grey: “Another thing that I started to wonder, while I watched this excellent episode was that doesn’t parked ships in the desert command some sort of respect. Do not touch me, kind of thing or does the Jawas simply not care?”
  • Talking Films: “I am fascinated to see what the next couple of episodes will reveal as well in terms of the main character’s intentions with the asset.”
  • Jason Ward: “All I know is Star Wars: The Mandalorian’s second chapter was really badass.”
  • Ricardo (9.3/10): “My only problem is that the episode was shorter, and I could’ve sworn that they said that the episodes were an hour long. Overall, this was a great episode. Also, I love baby Yoda, and I would do anything to protect it.”
  • Tyler Hersko (Grade: C+): “…has the potential to deliver on the gritty, morally grey action its prerelease publicity machine promised. It’s just a shame to see the flagship Disney+ series kill much of its momentum so early in the season.”
  • Nerdrotic (7/10): Vlog, on the long side (52 minutes!), but has some good commentary if you want to watch/listen to it in the background.
  • Kenny’s Star Wars Corner (8/10): “I like where this series is going and the potential it has.”
  • A Middle-Aged Geek: ““The Child” is yet another variation on the ‘bandits with a baby’ premise of 1936’s classic western, “Three Godfathers.” The tale of non-paternal guys being saddled with an infant is a very old story loosely re-adapted many times, as seen in the popular 1987 comedy “Three Men and a Baby””

How are you liking The Mandalorian series so far, we’re only 20% in (2 episodes of 10 total for the first season)? What do you think of Episode 2, Chapter 2 “The Child”? Use the comments below.

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