FIRST LOOK: One Continuous Shot for 1917 Movie Not A Gimmick

Am hoping the film 1917 is available in ScreenX. I think the 270-degree, screens on the walls in some scenes, will be an additional immersive experience to watching.

Have been intrigued by all this “one continuous shot” previews that director Sam Mendes has been talking about promoting his new movie 1917, due out December 25, 2019.

The front page of 1917 was this imagined to be one continuous shot and you [say] ‘Really?’ I was concerned it was a gimmick but it’s not a gimmick, it’s a way to get sucked into the story. Every film has a different way to tell a story and this was a particular challenge.”

[WATCH] ‘1917’ Team Says One-Shot Shoot Was Not A “Gimmick” – Deadline

Roger Deakins, the cinematographer for 1917 won an Oscar for Blade Runner 2047 and has had 14 other nominations:

His 14 nominations to date were for “The Shawshank Redemption” (1994), “Fargo” (1996), “Kundun” (1997), “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” (2000), “The Man Who Wasn’t There” (2001), “No Country for Old Men” (2007), “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford” (2007), “The Reader” (2008), “True Grit” (2010), “Skyfall” (2012), “Prisoners” (2013), “Unbroken” (2014), “Sicario” (2015) and the aforementioned “Blade Runner 2049.”

Can Roger Deakins (‘1917’) win Best Cinematography Oscar again so soon after his long overdue 1st victory?

In addition to the way the movie was shot, the technical adviser worked to make everything as realistic as possible:

Paul Biddiss, the military technical adviser on the upcoming World War I movie “1917,” taught the actors everything they needed to know, from proper foot care to how to hold a weapon, “which allows the actor to concentrate on his primary task. Acting!” Biddis told Insider.

How a former British paratrooper prepared actors in ‘1917’ to fight WWI’s devastating battles –

1917 opens in theaters December 25, 2017.

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