Disney+ Is LIVE on Roku (SCREENSHOTS) – Star Wars Extras and Deleted Scenes Included!

As of 11/12/2019 5:30am PST (GMT-8) Disney+ is now live on Roku. Yes, of course, there are errors, and the service is responding slow at times due to overwhelming traffic.

Disney+ is now available on ROKU, just search for it — as of 11/12/2019 5:30am PST (GMT-8)

To find it, just conduct a search for “Disney” and it’s there on ROKU.

Just search on ROKU and you’ll see the new Disney Plus streaming channel

If you haven’t signed up for a Disney+ streaming account, you’ll need to get that handled.

It’s a seamless process and it seems to use the account information associated with your ROKU account.

The main splash screen divides up the content by home company: Disney, PIXAR, Marvel, Star Wars (!!!) and National Geographic. There isn’t a FOX category.

The main home welcome screen for the Disney+ streaming service at launch

The Star Wars Mandalorian from the outside screen would only result in “Error. Sorry something went wrong. Please try again later” message.

I was successful playing the first episode once I got on the welcome screen.

There is an opening Cantina scene where the bounter hunter enters, somebody spilled his drink, and he goes off. Love it!!

Don’t ever mess with a bounter hunter’s drink in the Cantina!

Play something else. Star Wars IV: A New Hope.

There are extras included!

Including deleted scenes like the Cantina Rough Cut. Pretty trippy watching this in black and white.

I’ll keep updating this post throughout the day with more pictures and information. Just getting this out there now to alert others. Go check it out.

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Am a strong believer in reading before writing. so thus am spreading the link love around below:

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