Netflix News Roundup: Some Samsung Smart TVs Soon Dumb to Netflix, Controversial Fast Forward Function and the 911 Supervisor from Streaming Hell?

Let’s burn through several Netflix news stories.

Some Samsung Smart TV owners will need to find another way to get their Netflix coming in December when the service won’t be compatible with the Dumb TV app. I knew there was some reason we haven’t bought a Smart TV yet. Thanks for the reminder, Samsung.

Netflix is playing around with a fast forward and slow down without muting feature in beta testing:

… savvy mobile users of the streaming service spotted a new feature on the Netflix Android app that allowed subscribers to speed up (or slow down) playback without muting the volume (to playback speeds 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.0x, 1.25x or 1.5x, respectively). The feature is not unlike what most podcast and audiobook apps already have and is used by some listeners to consume content more quickly (or, in some cases, to slow it down if they have a difficult time understanding it).

Netflix tests speed binge feature, draws celebrity outrage |

As the article points out, several directors are expressing outrage. How dare a streaming moving service allow movie watchers to alter the time sequence of “their” movies? Who’s going to use that feature except to fast forward past parts that should have been edited out anyway? Slow down feature with sound? Not sure how that would go over, except for maybe at a party.

Comedian Seth Meyers knows how to seize the moment for his upcoming comedy special on Netflix. When he gets into his political routine, he’s allowing Netflix users to fast forward past the political jokes.

This last story seems like a case of the 911 supervisor that’s streaming Netflix on her work computer as “background noise” … or is this criminal negligence:

As part of an internal affairs investigation, investigators pulled data from supervisor Julie Vidaud’s computer and found the most used applications were Netflix, Hulu and Xfinity TV. They learned the Hilary Swank movie was playing for two hours during the time Herrera tried to get help.


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