Join Our Holiday 2019 Viewing Challenge

There are a ton of holiday-themed movies to watch every Christmas season

Everybody knows Christmas is on December 25th each year.

The October 2019 Horror Movie Challenge went so well that we wanted to try something for November and December. This is the holiday time of year, so it only makes sense to make the challenge involving holiday-oriented movies.

For the final two months of the year, I’d like to try and watch/rewatch and review 25+ Christmas/Holiday-themed movies. Any genre is acceptable, and the movies don’t have to be based only around Christmas/Santa/etc, they can be a movie that happens on/around Christmas with at least one pivotal scene or time during Christmas. The Family Man starring Tea Leoni and Nicolas Cage is a good example of a movie that isn’t about Christmas, but happens during Christmas.

How YOU Can Join The Challenge

Would you like to join us in this challenge? It’s easy and the reward is the satisfaction of watching good movies and if you make it, I’ll be sure and link to you in the post.

If you successfully complete the 2019 Holiday Movie Challenge by watching or rewatching at least 25 holiday-themed movies and then comment here with a link to your successful list. You can also write about entering this challenge on your blog and link with trackback ping (some blogging software like WordPress automatically do this).

All those who are successful in the challenge will be linked in the blog post I do at some point after December 25, 2019. It’s a free link to your website/blog/YouTube/etc as a bonus for watching at least 25+ holiday-oriented movies in almost two months.

It’s like 3-4 movies a week for 8 weeks, so it’s not some insane pace or anything.

Lists of Holiday-themed Movies

Need some ideas for holiday-themed movies to watch? Here’s a few lists that I Googled to help you get started with your watchlist:

This is all on the honor system, all you have to do is list 25+ movies that you watched/rewatched starting November 1, 2019. This isn’t a list of movies you’ve watched in the past, you need to actually watch new ones and/or rewatch movies you’ve already seen from November 1 – December 25, 2019 (until midnight).

We use Letterboxd to keep track of holiday movies we’ve watched in a list. You can see an example of the list we did for the October 2019 Horror Movie Challenge. We’ll have one for the Holiday 2019 challenge setup soon.

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