How Many Movie/TV Streaming Subscriptions Do You Have?

We ditched cable a long, long time ago. I was one of the earliest cord cutters at the time when it was sacrilege except in the geekiest of tech circles to ditch cable TV. Then, I would toy with bringing it back several years later, only to keep it for a couple years and then ditch it again.

What’s more, the trend toward getting you to sign up is getting more intense when it comes to streaming media. The spectrum of apps and services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO, Showtime and YouTube, is about to get even more crowded with the advent of Apple TV+, HBO Max (from AT&T), Peacock (from Comcast/NBCUniversal) and Disney+. 

Disney+, Apple TV+, Netflix, Amazon: Can we tame subscription fatigue?

That is basically our strategy of how to watch movies and television. We subscribe to what we want to watch, sometimes for as little as the free 7-day trial, then cancel, sometimes staying for a month or two. Staying long enough to see everything we want to watch.

These are the movie/TV-related subscriptions we currently have:

  1. High speed cable internet ($100+/mo.) – when we ditched the TV the price of the high speed internet doubled. They want you to bundle in TV, internet and phone (which why on earth would we need a cable phone when we have cell phones)?
  2. Amazon Prime ($119/year) – for movies, this service is used more than any other. Since August 12, 2019, we’ve watched 122+ movies through Prime Video and various add-on channels.
  3. Netflix Family Account ($17/mo.) – we don’t watch Netflix for movies as often, but do enjoy the TV shows and some of the original content. With Disney+ coming in November, I’m probably going to recommend we cancel this and pick up Disney+ instead for the grandchildren. We’ll save $$$ .
  4. Starz ($8.99/mo.) – we have this premium add-on channel at the moment, but will be getting rid of it in a month or two. We have a rotating system where we go through the premium movie channels, watch all the movies we want to watch, then cancel and choose another
  5. Shudder ($5.99/mo) – recently signed up for this one and may convert to annual subscription ($50/year roughly). Lots of horror genre content here, including some good shudder-only content like the reboot Creepshow anthology series. Totally for me, Kara has no interest in this channel.
  6. Lifetime ($3.99/mo) – was paying $1.99, but the price increased to $3.99/mo. so it’s been canceled. This is Kara’s guilty pleasure.

We currently have no live TV subscription. Haven’t had one for quite some time, other than a brief free trial with Hulu a year ago. We also tried PS Vue for live TV for a couple months and then canceled. We just don’t watch live TV that much. The primary live TV I enjoy is professional sports, but that doesn’t justify the monthly or yearly bills.

What streaming subscriptions, if any, do you have?

4 thoughts on “How Many Movie/TV Streaming Subscriptions Do You Have?

  1. This year, I got Netflix. That’s enough for my needs. Going to take me a while to get through the content I want to watch on there. Maybe I’ll take your cue and go for a free trial at Amazon Prime so I can stream Fleabag.


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