After Complaints Delta in-flight Movies Will Show Women Kissing Women

Google doesn’t censor “women kissing women” — It’s just kissing … let them kiss!

I suppose the airlines are being protective of perceived public decency — but it’s just women kissing women in the #metoo era, as well. But hey, they’ll show gory deaths, but showing women kissing each other? No way!

Olivia Wilde the director from Booksmart is on the case:

“Most disappointingly, they cut most of Amy and Hope’s love scene in the bathroom, which involves zero nudity, but does involve an essential plot point for a lead character,” Wilde wrote.

Same-sex love scenes will be restored on Delta in-flight movies

Need to see Booksmart. I’ve seen Olivia Wilde at the start of movies introducing Regal NYU student films for month. Those short films are gratuitous “come buy concessions now” after we’ve seen like three or four other ads and six or seven previews.

Back to Delta Airlines.

It’s a private business, so the airlines are under no obligation to show the movies uncensored – if they really want to do so — but sounds like they are making the right PR call. Also I’m sure Google image searches on passenger’s laptops aren’t filtered, so what’s the point?

Here’s something they can censor in-flight: scenes involving airplanes crashing.

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