2 Days to Terminator: Dark Fate – Terminator is Fun, But Still Unrealistic Technology in 2019

At least two major technologies in Terminator ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½ (1984) are not going to be happening any time soon. Neither in my lifetime, and probably not in any human being’s lifetime living on the planet in 2019. Yes, I’m saying we’re at least 110+ years away from either of these two technologies being even semi-realized.

First up: time travel. Forget about it. Really just forget it.

We’re not sending anybody back in time to kill anybody. Not machines or man. Sarah Connor has nothing to worry about in any future lifetime. Not even inanimate objects are going back in time.

Time travel into the future will likely happen first (we can actually travel a few seconds into the future now, but that is more a side effect speed issue than travel in some sort of machine, sorry Bill & Ted), but again, most likely not significant future time travel won’t happen any time soon.

100 years from now? We’ll be extremely lucky to figure out how to travel significantly faster in space.

1000 years? If we haven’t killed off the planet through famine, stupidity and/or war with each other by then, still doubtful.

10,000 years? Time travel into the future, I’d accept might be possible by then, but, still, nobody is traveling back in time to change anything.

Think about it. If anybody could travel back in time from the future then they would already have been here, right? It is the major paradox of time travel.

So, scratch one off the list of James Cameron’s terrible visions of the future. Time travel is a technology maybe the human race will see someday, but almost certainly not in any reasonable future timeline and, again, it will be future travel only, not into the past.

Next up? Artificial intelligence (A.I).

“They paint a picture which is really not coherent with the current understanding of how AI systems are built today and in the foreseeable future,” says Prof Bengio, who is sometimes called one of the “godfathers of AI” for his work on deep learning in the 1990s and 2000s.

Why Terminator: Dark Fate is sending a shudder through AI labs – BBC News

A.I. robots that can fully emulate human behavior? There might be some sophisticated human programmed sex dolls/bots that will be damn good at having sex, but they will be extremely mechanical. The adult industry gets the toys first, so any sort of human-like robots will be sex bots first. That’s what I’d bet the farm on. Military application? Yeah, that’s a possibility too, but sex will be first.

There will be cars that can drive themselves, heck, those exist now.

The artificial intelligence presented in Terminator 1984, however, is very much science fiction today in 2019. The reality is it will still mostly be fiction 35 more years from now in 2054.

We’ll have more advancements in A.I that allow for robots to do more than they do now, but just the muscle memory in a human being to walk up and down stairs, carrying any sort of item(s), opening and closing doors, bending,, lifting, crawling … yeah, these actions are take tons of programmed computer instructions to accomplish these “basic” human motor-skill tasks. And to carry these actions out with a human or better level of artificial intelligence?

2054. That’s 35 years from now.

The mortality tables are telling me I’ll be at/past the age and might be dead in 2054, but people in my family live long lives, so knocking on wood that I can revisit these words in 2054 and see what things are really like from a technology perspective.

Will this blog exist in 35 years? That alone is against the odds. Heck, how many blogs don’t make it 35 day or 35 weeks or 35 months, never mind 35 years.

I haven’t done anything in my life for 35 years. Haven’t worked at the same job, haven’t lived at the same house (although close to that), haven’t even been married 35 years yet (really close to that one, though), so having this blog still operating in 35 years is unlikely at this point, but maybe I’ll have some other type of place to share my thoughts and can return to the Terminator 1984 movie and see what tech is like 70 years after Cameron’s original vision in 2054.

Let’s make it a date, shall we?

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