3 Days to Terminator: Dark Fate – T2: Judgment Day in 3D and How 3D Could Help

Terminator: Dark Fate will not be opening in Regal Theaters in 3D, but 4DX will be available

I’m a huge fan of 3D when used in amazing films like Avatar. Terminator: Dark Fate is the type of action film that has the potential to be very effective in 3D. Unfortunately, 3D isn’t as widespread as it was because too many movies haven’t used it well enough to create moviegoer confidence in paying a surchage to see a movie in 3D.

No problem for us paying the extra few dollars, if the movie uses 3D effectively. It doesn’t look like, unfortunately, that Terminator: Dark Fate will be available in 3D at opening (see picture above). Maybe it will be re-released if it does well in 3D?

If it isn’t released in 3D this is a missed opportunity.

T2 Judgment Day was digitally remastered and re-released in 3D on August 25, 2017. This blog post covers the 3D version of T2 in our ongoing countdown to Terminator: Dark Fate.

Cinemablend’s to 3D or not 3D score: 27 / 35.

Unlike Terminator: Dark Fate, the final Star Wars movie in December will be released in 3D. You can already purchase tickets in advance for it.

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