9 Days to Terminator: Dark Fate – Secret Premiere Surprises and Delights Fans

Ohhhh, wish I was there! Someday somebody will invite me to an advance screening

Clever bait and switch marketing! Alamo Drafthouse organized a special screening of Terminator 2: Judgment Day which was actually Terminator: Dark Fate! (PREVIEW) Early reviewers are responding positively, too! I read them all in the article and there are no spoilers, so it’s safe to follow the article link.

Reactions to the latest film in the franchise, which sees original creator James Cameron return as producer and co-writer, have been overwhelmingly positive with many saying it’s the best film in the franchise since 1991’s critically acclaimed T2.

Fans surprised after ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day’ screenings turn out to be secret premiere of ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’

Naysayers are out saying that the early reviews are almost always “overwhelmingly positive” so perhaps there should be some hesitancy. I’m hoping it’s exactly what they are saying, however. That it is a true T3 sequel I’ve kept trying to see ever since T2.

T3: Rise of the Machines. Maybe I’ll try and rewatch this movie at some point in the next 9 days and see what went wrong. My memory of the film is that the new Terminator was just too badass. Her arms could turn into laser like weapons which violated the rules of the T-1000. Sure, there could be upgrades – it is future tech, after all — but it felt like too extreme an upgrade. I just remember being put off somewhat by that.

T3: Rise of the Machines trailer

Also, I missed Linda Hamilton. The absence of her in that film seemed to be somewhat of a gaping hole. She was initially interested, but it seemed that without a good script and character arc for her character, Sarah Connor and James Cameron in the film, she, too, was out:

Hamilton later explained her decision not to reprise her role: “They offered me a part. I read it and I knew my character arc was so complete in the first two, and in the third one it was a negligible character. She died halfway through and there was no time to mourn her. It was kind of disposable, so I said no thank you.” When Mostow signed on as director, one of his conditions was that Hamilton reprise her role. However, he realized that the character would not have changed much since the previous film and that she would not contribute much to the story, saying later, “Linda Hamilton is too important to the franchise to stick her in as the third wheel.” Mostow realized that John Connor would need to be the focus of the story,

And there is where the wheels came off for future sequels. John Connor’s story was not as compelling as Sarah Connor. Interestingly enough, Dark Fate is promising to correct this mistake. Will it? We’ll find out in 9 days.

Nick Stahl as John Connor just didn’t work either. Why couldn’t they get Edward Furlong back? I guess they tried, according to Wikipedia:

Edward Furlong signed on in August 2000, to reprise his role as John Connor from the previous film. However, in December 2001, casting began for a new actor to replace Furlong, who was dropped from the project because of a substance abuse problem. Furlong was removed by Warner Bros., which was concerned that his publicized drug problems could jeopardize the project. Furlong later stated “I don’t know [what happened]. It just wasn’t the time. I was going through my own thing at the point in my life – whatever, it just wasn’t meant to be”.

These are my memories about the film combined with the magic of Wikipedia filling in history. Where can T3: Rise of The Machines be watched? I used to own it on DVD, but it got sold when reducing our collection. JustWatch.com reports:

JustWatch.com report says Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines current availability

Kind of surprised that none of the premium channels have Rise of the Machines. You’d think they would have jumped on the timing for Dark Fate as an opportunity to have this movie as a subscriber magnet. Missed opportunity, because I would rather have signed up for a month of a premium channel than pay to rent or by this movie I’ve already seen. Alas, I may skip watching.

I already own the original Terminator and T2: Judgment Day and will definitely be rewatching those, rating and writing reviews before seeing the new movie.

Here’s just some of what is coming to this blog in the next 8 days further embracing fan excitement leading up to the new movie:

  • Rating and reviews of Terminator and T2: Judgment Day (yeah, can’t believe we haven’t done these yet)
  • Historical videos, behind the scenes, interviews and more for T2: Judgment Day
  • Joel and I revisit Terminator: Dark Fate for a final follow-up discussion to our previous vlog.
  • Anticipation ratings for upcoming theater releases, including Dark Fate

Every day until Dark Fate releases, at least one new Terminator-related post will be here. Thank you for reading!

4 thoughts on “9 Days to Terminator: Dark Fate – Secret Premiere Surprises and Delights Fans

    1. Interesting, I didn’t know that Stahl had similar, and much more recent, problems. The wheel just goes round and round, doesn’t it?

      As for Stahl’s portrayal in T3? I just didn’t buy him as Edward Furlong’s John Coonor. He seemed to be more whiney, less independent, weaker. That’s all from memory, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen T3. It’s OK for films to replace actors but the new actors need to maintain the continuity of the character, otherwise viewers like me are going to be disappointed.


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