Why Some Movies Are Impossible To Find Online

Some movies are not available online. The farther back in time you go, the worse it gets finding that movie you want to watch online. Whether it is licensing or the fact the movie was never digitized to begin with, a variety of reasons exist for why this happens.

For films that do exist on DVD, my suspicion is that what’s keeping them off of iTunes and streaming is mostly murky rights issues. Some of these distributors have been bought and sold multiple times, so determining who controls the rights to a given movie can be complicated.

Why can’t you find so many movies online?

Trick Or Treat was a rock and roll 80s horror movie with cameos by Gene Simmons (Kiss) and Ozzy Osbourne that I’ve been looking for to stream. I cheeked the streaming movie search engine JustWatch.com and couldn’t find it. Amazon has it on DVD:

Will come back to this one. Another movie I wanted to rewatch this month is Halloween III, here’s the JustWatch search results:

Halloween III is now streaming on HBO

This is the one Halloween in the franchise without slasher Michael Myers and has those crazy masks that melt faces. Wasn’t a hit when it released and probably should have been released outside of the franchise because it was ripe for the “why no Michael?!” cries, but it’s a surprisingly effective horror movie.

Another movie that has zero to do with Halloween, I feel good light movie to balance the darkness is the movie, Hero starring Dustin Hoffman and Geena Davis. This one isn’t available for streaming very often, and JustWatch reports that to be the case right now:

Hero starring Dustin Hoffman and Geena Davis is a twisty do-gooder story

I need to balance all this darkness and horror viewing this month with some more uplifting movies. Balance is good to keep my spirits positive. Horror, despite my love for the genre, can be depressing to watch in too much volume.

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