15 Alfred Hitchcock Movies on STARZ October 11, 2019

Psycho (1960) made even the actress afraid of the shower

Alfred Hitchcock fans rejoice on Starz starting today, Friday October 11, the following 15 Alfred Hitchcock movies are available for instant streaming (thanks pastemagazine):

The Starz selection includes his best-known classics of suspense The BirdsRear WindowPsycho ,Vertigo, as well as The Man Who Knew Too MuchMarnieRopeSaboteurShadow of a DoubtTopazTorn CurtainFrenzyThe Trouble with HarryThe Lady Vanishes and his final film released in 1976, Family Plot.

For me, I’ll never tire of watching one of the best black and white suspense films ever made, Psycho ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ or feel the terror invoked by The Birds.

My favorite shot in the shower is of Janet Leigh’s hand raking the tile.

There has probably never been a shot of a hand in a shower more perfectly timed than here

It’s hard to say anything done by human beings is “perfect” but I think Psycho is about as close as cinematically possible.


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