Matt Damon Passed On Big Avatar Payday For Unexplained Reasons

If you’re going to see Avatar for the first time, see it in 3D

So, this odd story from Matt Damon where he admits that James Cameron offered him 10% of (something for?) the Avatar movie and a starring role in the original Avatar and he turned it down:

“I couldn’t do it — but Cameron said to me in the course of that conversation, ‘Well, you know, I’ve only made six movies.’ I didn’t realize that,” Damon recalled.

The actor continued to explain that in passing on the role offered by Cameron, he missed his “chance to ever work with him.” 

Damon never explains in the article why he “couldn’t do it.” What does that mean? He had other obligations? Didn’t think he had the acting chops (impossible)? What was the reason?

It doesn’t sound like Damon regrets his decision, but I remain curious what stopped him from working with Cameron? Damon’s next film is Ford vs. Ferrari and opens November 15, 2019. I’m mildly interested, maybe a 3 out of 10 in anticipation for that film. It did not make our Fall 2019 anticipated films list, but probably should have at least been included.

Meanwhile, Terminator: Dark FatePREVIEW -the third in the series with Cameron producing, Linda Hamilton back as Sarah Connor and Arnold returning as a grizzled T-800 hits theaters November 1. Avatar 2 is still two years out, coming in December 2021. Avatar was passed as the biggest ever at the box office by Avengers: Endgame earlier this year. I’m probably one of the few who hasn’t seen Endgame yet. I’m somewhat burned out on the MCU, but one great film could pull me back in again.

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