Do You Watch Movies In Non-Native Languages Like WAR (Indian/Hindu)?

MOVIE REVIEW: War (2019) – Indian action thriller

One of the few movies in theaters around us that I haven’t seen is War ⭐️⭐️⭐️ which I watched yesterday. That makes film #28 since August 12, 2019 seen through the Regal Unlimited Plus plan and the very first that I’ve seen that was not an English language film.

Yes, War is an Indian action spy thriller and is almost entirely in Hindu. There are small parts of the dialogue spoken in English, like sentences here and there, which was a bit confusing. I would understand some English words not translating, but entire sentences? Oh well, it didn’t distract too much.

I don’t speak Hindu, so I had to follow along with the English subtitles. I’ve seen other movies that weren’t in English like the horror film Dead Snow.

This is an interesting way to watch a film. Paying attention to the subtitles, it’s a little like reading and watching. For an action film like War, you don’t even really need the dialogue to follow what’s basically happening. Anyway, just curious about how others feel about watching movies not in your native language?

4 thoughts on “Do You Watch Movies In Non-Native Languages Like WAR (Indian/Hindu)?

    1. It is an different way to watch a film over watching in native language, isn’t it? I find myself in these movies focusing on the subtitle part of the film more intensely than the larger screen, but that could be mostly because I don’t have very good eyesight.


  1. Yeah, not a big fan of dubbing either. Maybe except martial arts films (I’m a Bruce Lee fan) which I watch mostly for the martial arts scenes and choreography, not for the dialogue and/or the acting anyway (which is usually terrible)


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