Will You Use Your Phone To Pay For Movies and Concessions? Amazon GO Votes Yes

Use your cell phone as a payment option, via Google images search

There is an option to reserve movies on the Regal Unlimited app. I haven’t used it yet for any movie. I prefer to go to the box office in person or concessions area and buy the ticket right then and there.

There has also been (several) ways to use my cell phone as a payment option — haven’t used that either. I’m not a luddite, I just don’t like using my phone as a virtual payment option. Swipe the phone and voila! It charges your account … or something like that.

Mind you, I’m a Generation X, a little young for a baby boomer. My children, all grown adults (known as Millennials), don’t use their phones to pay either. They have debit cards from banks. They pay the same ways we do.

But that is just our family. There are many, mostly younger, people (those born after 1996) who do use their phones to pay these days. They probably love the convenience of reserving their tickets for movies before they go to the movies.

Why don’t I? First of all, the time we go to movies — mostly matinees and non-peak times, we don’t see many other people in the theaters. Reserving seating ahead of time just isn’t a concern. There has been one movie in the last two months where we wish we had a terrible seat in the very first row (who can watch movies in those seats anyway?) because the theater was packed.

Amazon has 16 stores where you scan your phone at the register and then pick out what you want in the store, and walk out and a receipt is sent to your phone. You never go through a register. I actually think this is pretty cool. Would I like to check this out? Yes!

According to this CNBC article, Amazon has been talking with Regal Cinema, among others:

The company has been in talks to bring Go equipment into OTG’s CIBO Express stores at airports and Cineworld’s Regal theaters, one of the people said

Would YOU want to use this type of payment in a movie theater? Interesting question. I probably would if it meant I could get my popcorn with butter and soda faster. The problem we usually encounter in the theater is one or two attendants working the concession stand and a line of people waiting. The movie theater should have more people working to fulfill orders in the concession area, especially considering the profits involved.


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