Drinking Alcohol While Watching Movies?

The Cinnebar offered these juicy alcohol-infused drinks they called Jartails

While we visited the Cinnebar in Las Vegas, we saw these Jartails featured. We wanted to try them if we returned to watch another movie, but alas, seeing the godawful Ad Astra ⭐️ did us in for the day. Funny how seeing a movie you don’t like will ruin your desire to see more movies. The opposite of course is true.

There is a Cinnebar in Seattle, Washington. Is there one near you for 21+ dinner, drinks + movie?

This got me thinking about drinking alcohol when watching movies in the theater. Since, we’ve never tried it before, I’m curious about others who have? Did it relax you for the film? Or did it make you more tired? Anybody get drunk ever and watch a movie at the theater?

The only thing I’ve ever drank in the movie theater is soft drinks (Coca Cola, Sprite, etc). I don’t think alcohol would go very well with popcorn. Beer and popcorn? Hmm, probably not.

I know Kara is interested in trying the Cinnebar again. Maybe we can catch a new release soon and see how it impacts the movie experience? I hope it doesn’t make me go to sleep!

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