Lord Of The Rings Slot Machine: Rule Them All

This slot machine on our Las Vegas trip paid the best

We’re probably in the minority that have never seen any of The Lord Of The Rings movies, but while in Las Vegas for our anniversary last month we played a bunch of different movie-themed slot machines. The one we did the best at is pictured above: LOTRO: Rule Them All.

The game is styled after the classic three-wheel slot machine, but it is video based. In the corners of the reels you can capture three Eyes of Saurons then a random bonus will appear. We got the one that spawned multiple reels where the process repeats itself. If you capture enough Eyes of Saurons, you get to a bonus game at the top of the machine that pays very well with a lot of wilds on each spin. We got like three spins of that for over $1,100. Really, the perfect payout that is not a handpay.

This was the highlight of our gambling portion of our trip. Pretty much everything else sucked, but this game was fun.

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