Australian Man Builds Only Fully Articulated Metal T-800

It took 4 years for Jamie Staff from Jaz Creations to build the T-800

Ok, if this isn’t the most badass DIY project, I don’t know what is. It’s a fully articulated, fully metal version of the Terminator T-800. Man, this is cool!

It took 4 years for for Jamie Staff from Jaz Creations to build. Thanks to Popular Mechanics for the story:

…check out the video to see exactly how Staff pulled off the incredible build, and get started. (Spoiler: It required over 500 pieces of metal and presumably as many buckets of sweat.)

In other Terminator-related news, there is a Terminator: Dark FatePREVIEW IOS/Android MMO game in development that should be released by Firefly Games at the same time as the movie. The game sounds similar to Game of Thrones Winter Is Coming, in that it is one of those build, form alliance with other players and conquer only using the T3 movie as a backdrop. Could be fun to play as there aren’t as many sci-fi MMOs. Most seem to favor the medieval time period.

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