Science Says It Is Good For You To Rewatch Movies

Apparently, science is on the side of rewatching movies:

What makes it feel good to us is this: nostalgia, particularly autobiographical nostalgia — which means you’re remembering a time in your life specifically, rather than historical nostalgia, which is just a general sense of longing for the past — can really be utilized as a kind of therapy. There is absolutely a calming effect to re-watching something you’ve already seen.

Now, you know it was all therapeutic for the guy who watched Avengers: Endgame over 115 times.

I don’t rewatch movies in the theater very often (watched twice: Rambo: Last Blood ⭐️⭐️⭐️½), but frequently rewatch at home, through DVDs, Blu-rays and streaming. We don’t have a 4K TV (we do have a 3D TV, which we enjoy watching 3D movies from time to time).

The majority of our reviews through Letterboxd in the last two months have been streamed via Amazon, Netflix and were rewatched movies. Of the 91 movies reviewed as of this writing, 51 (56%) are rewatched movies and 40 were either first time watches (29 in the theater, 11 on streaming).

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