FBI Warns Over ‘Possible Violence’ At Joker Screenings

Joker opens in theaters October 4, 2019

This news is :a sign of our troubled times:

The FBI has issued an extraordinary warning to law enforcement about possible violence at theaters showing the upcoming movie “Joker.” This comes years after a mass shooting during a “Batman” movie in Colorado in 2012.

I’ve blogged about police presence at the movie theater on a Friday night showing. So, now we have yet another concern at movie theaters everywhere (Texas seems to be on the highest alert, according to articles) starting October 4, when Joker is released.

Why are people getting so worked up over a DC comics villain movie? I thought basically the same thing over Batman.

None of this will stop me from going to the theater, I just won’t be as likely to attend during the busiest times (Friday and Saturday nights).. That has little to do with this Joker scare, I simply prefer less crowded screening times.

I’m still planning on seeing Joker and not too concerned about any of this BS. No “incels” or whatever miscreants there are will keep me away. How about you?

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