How Many Trailers Before The Movie Is Too Many?

Cinemablend poll September 2019

This is something I think long about the fourth or fifth trailer that plays: enough already! Recently, I’ve noticed that after the movie would usually start, they show yet another trailer.

More than half polled (pictured above) in the Cinemablend poll, say 1-3 is enough. Only 5% polled, 5 out of 100 (50 out of 1000, 500 out of 10,000, however you want to look at it), are interested in 7-9 trailers.

A worse trend is something new: showing a trailer when the viewer thinks the trailers have all ended. I used to watch for Olivia Wilde from Booksmart to show up and then the NYU brief film and then the feature would play, but now sometimes there is one final trailer (sigh!). This “new” trailer ad practice is explained at Deadline:

Under a new agreement with major in-theater advertising firm National CineMedia, top exhibitors Regal and Cinemark will incorporate advertising just prior to the “attached” trailers before feature films.

Joy, not.

Head’s up to the powers that be: when you are annoying 88% of the people in the audience when you show “too many” trailers, it might be a good time to change your strategy.


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