Awesome 4DX First Experience Watching Rambo: Last Blood

Immediately outside the theater, you know the action is about to go down looking at this sign

For our 30th Anniversary my wife and decided to check out our very first 4DX movie. We went to the only HDX theater in Las Vegas: Regal at the Red Rock Casino and a movie I’ve been very eagerly anticipating, Rambo: Last Blood was playing and we, along with 18 other people I counted, were treated to the first ever HDX Rambo showing in Vegas:

The tickets to not have the “D” in 4DX and when we asked there was not reason

In the lobby of the theater there was a cool Rambo: Last Blood ad teaser:

What self-respecting Rambo fan wouldn’t want this?

The HDX sign by the ticket checking person is pretty cool too:

You almost feel like you should be strapped in for this ride

We decided against our usual popcorn and drink, fearing spillage and entered the theater. As mentioned above, we only counted 18 people, us included, in the theater. Our seats were literally the most center spot in the entire room — row F. Awesome seats!

HDX seats are in groups of 4 at a time with a break. They shake, buzz, move side to side in a swaying boat-like motion, along with the occasional dip forward and back

The seats are a bit stiff to sit in, but not uncomfortably so. Right before the preview trailers, they played the Regal roller coaster graphic and it is full on HDX activated. It felt a lot like we were actually riding a roller coaster. The seats shake, buzz, move side to side in a swaying boat motion as well as shift abruptly and dip forward and back, but not as such an extreme angle that you would go flying out. Meanwhile there are various scents spraying into the audience as well as light mists of water dripping. I noticeably felt water drops on my face multiple times during the screening.

You can turn off water on a switch on the seat, if that’s not your thing. We both kept it on. A few times in the movie when Rambo did damage with his big knife, the blood flying translated into water dropping from somewhere.

Overall we loved the HDX experience. It added to the movie and was well the extra $8 each we paid. It felt just like some kind of theme park amusement ride. If we had an HDX theater closer I’d want to see every action movie in HDX. Closest one to us is downtown Seattle, which is like 30 miles away, so we aren’t too far from experiencing this again.

As for the movie itself? It met my expectations, click to read my review of Rambo: Last Blood [HDX]⭐️⭐️⭐️½  . I’ll likely see it at least one more time again before it leaves the theaters.

Highly recommend the 4DX experience to other moviegoers, especially action fans. I bet the next Avatar and final Star Wars movie will be a fun experience in HDX.

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