10 New Movies Coming Fall 2019 Ranked By Interest

10 movies coming to theaters in the next 90 days on my Leterrboxd watchlist

Above pictured are the 10 movies I’m most looking forward to seeing. Am ranking them below based on most interested to least interested, this isn’t how I think the ranking of best to worst will turn out:

  1. Rambo: Last Blood (September 20) – PREVIEW– Want to see this one mostly to check out the experience in 4DX, not because I think it has the potential to be the best one on this list. Hope we can make it happen this week.
  2. Terminator: Dark Fate (November 1) – PREVIEW– Can James Cameron catch lightning in a bottle a third time? He isn’t directing, and Arnold and Linda Hamilton are seniors, so I’m not sure. Definitely very curious how this will do. I’ve been disappointed by everything since T2, so hoping the magic returns for this one.
  3. Judy (September 27) – PREVIEW– this could be a real tearjerker, but I’ve been a fan of Judy Garland since the first time I saw The Wizard of Oz.
  4. Doctor Sleep (November 8) – I often am disappointed by film sequels and books with sequels haven’t historically been much fun to watch either, but if anybody can write a sequel that’s good, it’s Stephen King. But will the screen adaption do the book justice?. I’m reading this on the Kindle to prepare for the movie and to see if even the book is something I enjoy. Wish this was coming out on Halloween. That is the best time to see a horror film based on a Stephen King novel.
  5. Joker (October 4) – A movie based on a comic book villain? I’m really digging this idea. The Joker is just such a cool antagonist. This has me really curious where this idea will lead.
  6. A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood (November 22) – Tom Hanks in any picture is something I’m interested in watching. He seems to very rarely miss on whatever film he’s in and the subject matter for this one — Mister Rogers – seems to be right in his wheelhouse. Yes, bring this on.
  7. Ad Astra (September 20) – Have been intrigued by the preview trailers in the theater for this space sci-fi flick starring Brad Pitt. Seems like something I would enjoy.
  8. Charlie’s Angels (November 1) – Elizabeth Banks has been in some good movies that I enjoyed, so looking forward to this only because the original source material I liked and I think she might have a curious and less salacious take on what was once known as “jiggle TV..” Most reboots that have come out I’ve pretty much hated, so I have one eye squinted on this one. Optimistic and suspicious.
  9. Villains (September 20) – Kara wants to see this one. I don’t know much about it, but that’s why it is here, because she doesn’t actually tell me she wants to see very many movies.
  10. Last Christmas (November 15) – OK, so this one is 60 days or so away, but it’s closer to our favorite time of year: Christmas. We both enjoy Christmas movies. This one may or may not be a dud, but it’s on here to remind that 60 days from now we will be closer to Christmas mode. Usually around Thanksgiving that kicks in. Can expect a bunch more Christmas flicks the next time I do this list.

Almost made it to the list above (in no particular order):

  • Abominable (September 27) – preview interesting, but animated films usually don’t get me super excited.
  • Lucy In The Sky (October 4) – preview, summary and trailer.
  • Gemini Man (October 4) – have seen a ton of previews for this one. Curious.
  • The Addams Family (October 11) – only interested because source TV material is good.

Goal is to see everything above in the theater and probably other films coming soon not mentioned above. It will be interesting to look back and on this post and see how much they were enjoyed compared to preview interest level. Am curious what others are looking forward to seeing?

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