Goodbye MoviePass, Thank You For The All You Can Watch Movie Concept

Bye bye MoviePass 9/14/2019

The turbulent era of the monthly all you can watch movie plan, MoviePass is closing for business tomorrow due to a lack of funding:

At the very least, MoviePass helped the theater industry wake up to the reality of a new business model for selling its services in a bulk, monthly fashion, and it’s resulted in MoviePass’ dream — of an all-you-can-watch theater subscription service — living on in AMC A-List and other similar options.

My wife and I both have the Regal Unlimited pass. I’m not sure the plan would even exist if not for MoviePass disrupting the industry and showing there are moviegoers like us who actually enjoy paying monthly for all the movies we can watch.

We would have signed up for MoviePass, but kept reading horror stories from members and it seemed to be a little too unwieldy to use. I was immediately interested in Regal’s plan when they made it available. I did look at the AMC A List plan and Cinemark’s plans too. We have more Regal Cinemas in/around our area than the other theater chains, so it was more a matter of who has the most theaters in our local area that made the decision for us.

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